ELT Playbooks

There are now two ELT Playbooks available. Both books contain 30 tasks designed to help you to reflect on various aspects of your teaching career. They can also be used by managers and trainers as inspiration for workshops and other professional development. Responses to tasks and all of the latest news related to the series can be found on the #ELTplaybook hashtag on Twitter or on the ELT Playbook facebook page.

ELT Playbook 1 cover, showing title, a pale blue book, and the author's name (Sandy Millin) with a computer mouse coming out of the 'y'

ELT Playbook 1 is primarily aimed at new teachers and those who work with them. For full information and a sample task, see the ELT Playbook 1 page on this site.

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It launched on 14th February 2018 and sold nearly 100 copies its first year. Get your copy via Amazon (ebook/paperback), Book Depository (paperback), Smashwords (ebook) [all affiliate links], BEBC (paperback) or EnglishBooks.cz (paperback).

ELT Playbook Teacher Training cover

ELT Playbook Teacher Training is aimed at teacher trainers and those who train them. For full information and a sample task, see the ELT Playbook Teacher Training page on this site.

It launched on 1st April 2019. It’s available as a paperback through the BEBC website and can be shipped all over the world. In the Czech Republic, you can get a paperback from EnglishBooks.cz. You can also get ELT Playbook Teacher Training as a paperback from Book Depository or Amazon’s print-on-demand service, as an Amazon Kindle e-book or an e-book in various formats (including .pdf) from Smashwords. [Amazon/Smashwords = affiliate links]

If you’ve got a copy, please review it on GoodReads.